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Patrice martinez porterville ca dating sites

And besides if you are so against thanking the firefighters then why are you on this website?

Or are you too dumb to read that this website is "thanks to the firefighters and support personnel" I hope your home is never in danger because I am sure your burger flipping training didn't cover saving your own life...

Your comments are being viewed by hundreds and thousands of visitors each day including Fire Fighters and Support Personnel. The mayor of Santee said that we wouldn't lose any houses and we didn't. We will never forget the sacrifices you have made and you all remain in our thoughts and prayers!!!

Some of our friends who watched the Santee firefighters come in and put the fire out said that they were great.

So, thank you firefighters, police, volunteer search and rescue, and anyone doing all they can to help.

:) Ali It is sad for you people that believe that money is the only thing that drives these firefighters to save lives... As for being boneheads, you are a bonehead for thinking that they "landed" a job as a firefighter, it takes countless hours of training to become one, not the kind of training that you receive when you learn how to flip burgers.

And I want to appologize to the other kind people that are using this website correctly, this is not the website for anger and ignorance. I'v been here since the first fire started 10/23/03 and will be leaving tomorrow going back to Aurora. A few years ago we survived a house fire only because fire fighters made the right decisions.

I want to thank all of the couragous firefighters who risked their lives fighting the Old Fire in San Bernadino and all other fires in the State of Ca. I don't know the level of their education but I do know it took intelligence and instinct -not to mention pure guts!

The fire is about 65% contained, but about 2,300 homes are gone.Everyone in San Diego County are affected by this fire. I do want to express my thanks to the people who are coming here and thanking them for their hard work.We saw it coming towards our home on 2 different occations, but the wind shifted and we didn't have to evacuate. Everytime I talk to my boyfriend I ask him when he gets to come home and be with me, and everytime he tells me "When the people here arent in danger anymore".If you want adequate protection, you have to pay for it! This is just a simple thank you to all the people out there working hard to save what's left of the towns being burned and threatened by the fires.We learned that lesson in Berkeley/Oakland in 1991 but you chose to ignore our lesson. I have family and friends in many of the places in danger.

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