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Personal online dating coach

She understood it in terms of colour, texture, and shape.

I’m still wearing everything she chose for me — the styles are timeless — but feeling the ease of dressing this fall, I can see how much my life has changed as a result.

With so many stores just a click away, you can lose precious hours of your life searching for the right pair of ballet flats or over-dyed jeans.

I could barely leave the house and didn’t have the energy to spend online trying to put outfits together (I was too sleep deprived! Their detailed selections were unique to my specific preferences and they made the entire process of creating new outfits simple by providing guidelines for me to follow. The websites we recommend have some of the best shipping and return policies available. You might choose to have us focus on your clothes for work or on your weekend wear.) Your online style portfolio will be sent by Friday the week of your scheduled “style time”—you’ll be shopping by the weekend!After booking your session, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a style questionnaire.If you’re at all like me, you love the thought of having a closet full of clothes that fit and coordinate and make you feel great.You’d open those closet doors each morning and smile to see a neat collection of beautiful things to wear, unique-to-you ensembles that reflect your own signature style.

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I was inspired to rediscover what I already had in my closet and mix them in with my amazing new pieces. Give us a specific fashion challenge and we’ll make sure your clothes rise to the occasion. And the other things I ordered online (which I’m usually hesitant to do)… After seeing the selections I feel that you have picked clothes that are totally the style I have in my head but have never managed to have in my wardrobe!