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The company’s 2016 line famously killed all the menus and interfaces, relying on a bundled tablet and Google’s Chromecast for apps.

But now the remote is back, and users will be able to navigate to the bundled apps just like they would on any other platform.

You can manage this on the ‘Rearrange Photos’ section.

This means you can play around with a mix of headshots, and don’t have to delete, and then upload again on your poor-performing-but-supposedly-high-speed-dial-up-internet.

We are apart of an industry that is passionate, creative and highly competitive, but unfortunately, it is also an industry with which we have virtually no control over.

Smart Cast isn’t running a custom-made app for a closed system that will never see a software update.

Instead, Vizio’s “apps” are cloud-based HTML5 interfaces — basically, web apps — that can be updated without having to install new firmware on your TV.

If you’re upload isn’t working, it may be because your image is too small, or too large, or the wrong dimensions.

Deleting Headshots Instead of deleting images, Casting Networks instead simply allows you to them.

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You can then upload images straight from your computer.

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