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People cringe away from Jacob when they see him out in public, they can't deal with the reality that he represents.Colleen makes tentative advances into her brother's room, trying to connect with him to no avail.It reminded me so much of that great sequence in 1954's "A Star is Born," where a desperate Judy Garland performs "Someone at Last" for her depressed husband (James Mason), turning herself inside out to cheer him up. Colleen's actions are a way of saying to Jacob, "I know I'm different now. If you only judged from films, you'd think that adult siblings never got along with each other.

The words make total sense in context, and the mood is one of sadness, regret, and a chastened mother-daughter closeness after years of estrangement.Finally, in an act of desperation, she dyes her hair pink, puts on black lipstick and a white nun's habit, and does a lip-synced version of GWAR's "Have You Seen Me? She jokes to Emily that she has a "lifetime membership V-card." Meanwhile, Mother Superior - with her blunt haircut and blue power suits - keeps calling, wondering when Colleen is planning on returning." for her brother that does, indeed, turn his frown upside-down. I love you and I want you to be happy."Colleen reunites with her high school friend Emily (Molly Plunk), who is now the kind of animal activist too "out there" for even PETA. "Little Sister" is so refreshingly accurate in its portrayal of what it's like between close siblings, the short-hand, inside jokes, awkward affection.She is a shy young woman, dressed in cardigans and denim skirts, so quiet that she barely registers as a presence.When her mother sends an email filled with exclamation points summoning her home, Colleen asks the Mother Superior (scream queen Barbara Crampton, a great casting choice! Colleen's older brother Jacob (Keith Poulson) returned home from a tour in Iraq with his face burnt beyond recognition. Once Colleen returns home, she is sucked back into the dysfunctional family dynamic, and into who she used to be.

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(Sheedy is another great casting choice, Joani calling to mind associations of the depressed teenager she played in "The Breakfast Club": Joani could be that kid all grown up.) Joani is paranoid and feels judged by her daughter, although Colleen is not a judgmental person at all. All of this takes place in October of 2008, during Obama's first Presidential campaign. Here, it's a living and breathing reality: Jacob was sent to war and he returned home destroyed.

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