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Who is theresa from hollyoaks dating

Soap bosses are currently plotting some big twists ­after Theresa breaks Patrick’s trust by revealing to his love rival Darren Osborne that he has the crippling motor neurone disease.

Patrick, played by Jeremy ­Sheffield, has kept his condition a secret but once he finds out how it was revealed he is going to be ­furious with Theresa.

Speaking ­exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday, Jorgie said: “I love working with Jeremy.

We have a great time and he’s not bad in real life.“In the show his character is a bit of a nasty piece of work though.

Explaining how they had gone to a public event together, Jorgie noted that James wasn't keen on waiting around while she was photographed.

Fans had a lot to say about Jorgie's reasons for ending the relationship.

but before THAT, she dipped her toe in the waters of another favourite television show of ours: First Dates.

But now it's all come crashing down for Jorgie and James.

Celebs Go Dating has seen stars like TOWIE's Ferne Mc Cann and Love Island's Stephen Bear look for love with potential relationship candidates – and it's fair to say it hasn't always gone according to plan While James, on the contrary, said that he planned to remain in the country because of his job.

Speaking in an interview, he accused Jorgie of being "very good at playing the ditzy blonde" and assured the world that boyband heartthrob and Jorgie's close friend in the jungle, George Shelly, "is not her type at all." And you would know, we're assuming? Furthering his insinuations that Jorgie had an agenda in the jungle, he added: "it makes sense for her to get with [George] because they both have lots of teenage fans."She knows that a romance will help her stay in the jungle.

It is a bit like when we met, I am sure she knew us getting together would make good TV."Oh dear, oh dear.

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